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About Us

About Us

In 2008 we launched both Millmoll and Furniture Hire UK. We set up our headquarters and warehouse close to London giving our transport team quick access to the city and beyond. From the beginning our aim has been to provide the best customer experience, high quality hire furniture where and when it’s needed, and competitive rates.

Total Transparency

Total Transparency

Shortly after launching we saw a need for transparency in terms of rates, so made the decision to be the first in our sector to publish all prices on our website, giving our customers a clear and quick impression of the fees for every item stocked. We also added online quoting within months of setting up Furniture Hire UK, so rates could be conveniently calculated from our website.

In 2010 we expanded Millmoll to include two new brands, Online Furniture Hire and Exam Tables. These were developed to appeal specifically to the corporate sector and organisations requiring exam tables, respectively. As Millmoll grew, we wanted to retain our focus on exceptional customer care so began collecting client feedback and scores to track our progress, which we still publish live on our websites along with testimonials to this day.

Award-winning Business

Award-winning Business

With stocks growing and orders coming in from our businesses we relocated to larger premises within Greater London in 2011, so we could expand and add to stocks and our staff teams. This year saw us being named as the Best New Business, with further titles awarded in 2012. A successful bid for the London 2012 Summer Games, as well as a contract to supply furniture to the Glasgow 2014 Games, significantly boosted revenue and we re-invested adding a Manchester depot in 2012, and a further one in Birmingham in 2014.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

We also re-developed all of our sites, making them all fully ecommerce so every order/quote could be completed online. In 2014 we re-worked our Furniture Hire UK website in 2015, adding refreshed looks, quick product previews, and fully responsive design, so they join Online Furniture Hire and Exam Tables as looking the same on all devices including phones, tablets, and PCs.

Landmarks & Notable Dates

Our Timeline


Company Of The Year Award

We were named as EHA Company of the Year 2015 at the Hire Awards of Excellence. This year we relaunched our Furniture Hire UK website to include additional mobile friendly features, responsive design, quick product information, instant quoting and a clean, fresh layout.


Depot Expansion

We launched Manchester Furniture Hire serving the event industry in London and the UK. A new Birmingham depot allowing quick access to the Midlands and surrounding cities in the north and south. We opened bases in Scotland to assist with the Glasgow 2014 Games contract and provide services to other customers in the area.


Online Ordering

The ability to place orders entirely online was introduced across all our websites making them fully ecommerce. We completed an overhaul of our Exam Tables site offering additional products and a refreshed look.


London 2012 Summer Games

A contract to work on the London 2012 Summer Games added £1.2 million to our revenue and we invested in a Manchester depot, opening up the north of England and Scotland. We won the New Starter of The Year and the Hire Achiever of the Year categories at the Hire Awards of Excellence.


Best New Business Award

Our head office was relocated to within the Greater London area bringing us closer to the city. We were named as the Best New Business as part of the Hire Awards Of Excellence.


Live Customer Service Score

We launched two new businesses - Online Furniture Hire serving the coporate sector and Exam Tables for exams and conferences. Collecting data from every client about our performance, we compiled a customer service score, which is a published live on our website and is a permanent feature of our websites.


Online Quoting

We published all prices on our websites making them totally transparent. Our websites were developed to allow for online quoting - both were industry firsts at this time.


The Launch

Millmoll and our Furniture Hire UK website were launched in November supported by a Kent-based warehouse, transport fleet, in addition to sales, marketing, and operations teams. A CRM developed in-house provided the link between our customers, website, staff and warehouse.